Slowbounce 6 years



Straight up from Europe, in the city of Brussels you'll meet DJ Septik doing what he loves most and does best. Armed with over 10 years of musical experience Septik has a solid background as a club DJ. He continues to be inspired by a multitude of musical genres such as Dancehall, Reggae, EDM & Hip Hop. Today Septik is recognized as world-class entertainer within the club culture and is perceived by his peers as a force to be reckoned with, having been recruited by renowned DJ fraternities: MP Family (European Urban DJ team) and 'ShadyVille Caribbean' (Caribbean's most elite DJ crew of the G-Unit Family). Septik's musical education and career was introduced through radio. His natural skills as a radio DJ and his flair for exotic sounds encouraged him to create 'SlowBounce'; a platform for his favorite musical genres broadcasted by many Internet & FM stations such as Big Up Radio, KIF in Brussels and NRJ Radio all over Martinique, Guadeloupe and in French Guiana. Adding to Septik's aspiration is his latest undertaking as a music producer. Having spent 2013 working on is own material, he is now delivering polished remixes and original tracks.















Party Time, when Belgian

& Jamaican talents collide

At a time where Belgium is receiving more international media attention than ever before for it's emerging talents, Belgian artist, DJ Septik releases his new single "Party Time", featuring Jamaican singer, Tifa.



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